Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gundrum Deals

I don't know if all of you know that my maiden name is Gundrum....but you need to know that to understand.  My family (the Gundrums) is all about deals.  We are always trying to one up each other for deals.  It is fun to make the phone call to the others in the family to brag about your deal.

So, having explained that.....I need to brag about my deals for the day.  It is just after 10 AM and I have saved $23 on a $55 grocery bill.  Yep, I rock.  Two deals really stand out.  You know those pork tenderloins you can by pre-marinated.  They are usually $9.99 each.  I love them...they are so easy to make for a quick dinner.  I can just unwrap them and stick them in the oven.  The meat just melts in your mouth and the boys all love them.  But, $9.99 is expensive for my budgeted grocery budget.  I always check the clearance section for meats.   Today I found those pork tenderloins for $2.99 each.  I bought all three that were in there.   I got three for less than the price of one.  Hooray!  Three quick and easy meals.

Second deal: I always read the coupons to make sure I get the right thing so my coupons work.  Today Safeway had store coupons for things that were already on sale.  I thought $2.22 was a good deal for a 12.5 oz box of Cheerios....that is what the sale was plus a coupon the box was only $1.99.  Not quite $.30, but every little bit helps.  I got to the cereal isle and found the cereal for $2.22.  I read the coupon to make sure I was getting the right thing.  Turns out the coupon said it was for an 18 oz. box.  Well, there were no 18 oz. boxes.  I asked a clerk I had seen putting up cereal boxes on the end cap.  I showed him the coupon and then the sale ad.  Lucky for me, he happened to be the merchandiser for that section.  He decided that since the coupon said 18 oz and there were no 18 oz boxes; I could have the bigger box 22.5 oz for the sale price of $1.99.  Hooray, the bigger box on sale was $4.39.  How awesome is that?  Huge savings there.

I am so happy with myself today.  I managed to save a bunch of money on the groceries today.  And, even though I get my monthly grocery allowance on Monday, I still have almost 1/4 of last  months left.  HOORAY!  Now I can buy some things to stock up on for those months I totally blow it on the budget.  But, if I keep on this saving binge I might not do that again.

Save and save some more.  Thanks to God.  He did not just give me a fish today so we had food for today, but taught us how to fish so we can eat for a life time.  Okay...does not make total sense, but he did provide for me today and for a few more days to feed my family on very little money.  Same thing, right?

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