Friday, November 5, 2010

Fish Fish Fish

My little boys are turning into fish.  We have swim lessons every Tuesday and Thursday.  And, trust me, they never let me forget.  First thing in the morning they jump up and down about it being swim day.  We usually have to get our swim suits out and ready for the evening.  We don't go until 6 pm and that seems like forever after school before swims lessons.

Ben is on his third session of swim lessons.  And, he just loves it.  He started jumping in by himself this time.  He gets so excited that he has jumped in before the class started.  Thank goodness the teacher was paying attention before the class.  She grabbed him right up and set him back on the side.  Ben happily goes under the water without even thinking about it.  He has also learned to use the kick board to kick on his front and back.   I am also impressed that they are teaching him to do front and back floats.  It is too funny to watch that.  He is held up by his tummy and told to make airplane arms.  So, he does that but still looks up at the teacher.  When he is told to put his face in the water, it is one quick dunk and back up.  Too cute.  He is also learning to go under the water to get a dive ring.  So, it is only on the platform, but it is still all the way under the water.  He is just doing a fabulous job.

Max is just amazing in the water.  We started midsummer with lessons.  He was not so sure about it.  He did not even jump off the side without help.  Now, he is so excited to get into the water.  He not only jumps off the side without help, but has started going off the diving board by himself.  That is a huge step for him.  I am so proud of him.  He has also been put in the appropriate class now.  He kept getting put into a 2-3 class when he really should have been in a 3 class.  The 2-3 class kept doing the same things over and over again.  So, I as a helicopter mom, suggested that they make a 3-4 class.  They did and he loves it.  He is swimming by himself now, in short bursts.  He just does not have the stamina to swim long distances yet.  He has not mastered the freestyle stroke, but is doing the breast stroke already.  I think the breast stroke is actually easier for him.  He is also learning to dive.

I am so proud of these little guys.  I am sad that they swim lessons will be moving to Thursdays only.  At least they are not making us all go to Saturday mornings.  There are fewer swimmers in the evening classes and it also frees us up to go to Holyoke or on some other adventure on the weekends.  Fish, Fish, Fish.

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