Sunday, November 28, 2010

Feel Crappy

Quick background....we paid a contractor a lot of money to finish our basement.  Well, to do the finishing things.  Matt actually did all the framing, drywall and electrical.  The guy did a horrid job.  The trim was not made into was sanded to be round.  None of the trim from room to room matched.  The paint colors did not match.  There were still space around all the outlets.  The closet doors still stick and not all of them have handles None of the closet shelves were hung either.  We were just so frustrated at the crappy job that he was doing and the amount of time it was taking that we just wanted him out.

So, with my parents coming in two weeks.  We want to have it all finished.  It has been almost done for almost 3 years now.  Today I went down with Matt to help.  We started with my craft room because all of my craft stuff was in the big room.  So we had to start somewhere.  I painted around the window and tried to roll the paint.  It was a matter of minutes before my bod started to give out.  My shoulder popped out of joint after the first three strokes.  Really??  Matt finished the room while I wandered around.  Then it was time to put all the stuff back.  I would work for 4 or 5 minutes and then have to sit down because everything hurt.  Now Matt is working his butt off downstairs to get things done.  He is leaving for a week and I am not sure what I am going to do.   My craft room is finished, but needs a small space patched before the official light fixtures are hung up.  I will be putting all the crap back where it belongs this week.  He should be finished with all the painting and such in the guest bedroom tonight.  I just need to figure out what is going on with several of the outlets in there.  I know that I cannot move the bed by myself.  (Shoot, I can barely paint one wall: forget moving a bed.)  I can try to move all of the lighter things in so when he comes home all he has to do for that room is help me move the bed in.  We could be finished for awhile then, but we still need to fix all the little things in Matt's office and the playroom.  I am dying to get the playroom finished.  The boys really want their toys back, which are located in boxes in the garage until this is finished (poor kids).

I am feeling just all around crappy.  I am the one who hired the contractor so Matt would not have to worry about finishing the basement.  It was totally my idea and I did it without him knowing I hired the guy.  Then for me to punk out because I hurt so badly, I just feel like I should take the brunt of the blame for this mess up.  Now, Matt is paying the price for me.  Damn.

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