Saturday, November 13, 2010


I woke up this morning about 7 AM (which I consider the best time to wake up).  It was eerily quiet in my house.  Too quiet.  I started to was too quiet.  Then I remembered that all the men in my family are in Holyoke for the beginning of pheasant season.  I have a total love/hate relationship with spending time away from the guys.

Yesterday afternoon Ben was just all up in the air about wanting to go to Granna's.  He did not want to be away from me.  Then Matt and I told him that Matt was going to Holyoke to shoot a bird.  He stopped crying and said he needed his gun to shoot a rabbit.....he has a play revolver from Halloween.  He also thought it was cool that he might be able to pluck all the feathers off the bird.  He is just too much.

Last night I went out with Becki.  We has a fabulous time.  We sat at Outback for almost 3 hours just chatting.  I loved it.  So nice to have another chic to just hang out with.  We went to Old Navy after that and bought nothing.  That was great too....neither of us thought we "needed" anything from the store.  We even turned our noses up at somethings; wondering who actually wears those things.  Finally ended up at Walmart. You need to know that Becki is Max's kindergarten teacher.  We have been talking about Max's reading ability and that we need to work on his writing.  She told me about the journals they are doing and that she is always on the hunt for stickers for the journals.  Not everyday teacher stickers...but just everyday stickers.  The kids are using their site words to start a sentence and the stickers to finish time; so they need to be nouns.  We managed to find a bunch of stickers for her along with some goodies for the treasure chest (the kids get to pick out of it when they have been exceedingly good).  I had a fabulous time with Becki and cannot wait to do it again.  *****Is it okay to be such good friends with Max's teacher?*****

Today I am going to work on my scrapbook page for tomorrow's stamp club.  I am so excited to do the page.  It is going to be a Christmas page.  This will be my last month doing a real stamp club.  I am done doing the page every month and having all the girls over.  It is getting hard and harder for me.  i just cannot commit the time for this.  I always end up doing the page the night before and I am just too tired.  I am going to continue to   be a Close to My Heart consultant.  I love the products, but I am just going to do card workshops, catalog parties, and regular parties.  It will be fun to work on it every once in awhile, but not be tied to it.

I am not sure what tonight holds.  Maybe a Lifetime movie and junk food.  No matter what happens, it will be quiet and be just me.  I miss my family, but I am going to enjoy all the quiet I can get.  Maybe I won't even turn the tv on today.  Who knows??????

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