Saturday, November 6, 2010

beautiful day

It is November and we live in Colorado.  It was 80 degrees today.  Beautiful.  The boys had a great time today. They spent most of the time outside.  It was so fun for them.  I was working on my card workshop, but I could see out the door.  They played sidewalk chalk for awhile.  Max likes to make a hop scotch and jump up and down.  Ben got into the bubbles and spilled more than he got to blow. They played soccer for awhile.  Then it was off to the sand box.  I think the best part of the day was when they decided they wanted to have lunch outside.  They have 2 little chairs and sat at a side table.  It was so cute.  They came in after lunch and took a name.  Then it was back outside.  They enjoyed their popcorn balls.  Finally, they were tired.  I brought them in and bathed them.  After that it was pizza....Max earned a personal pan pizza for reading so much last month.  Finally off to bed.  They are both passed out tired.  What a beautiful day.

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