Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Ready

It is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and we are all getting ready for the big day.  It is time to pack and get ready to travel to spend time with family.  The boys are dying to get in the car and go.  No matter how much we all want to do that, Matt has to work until sometime tomorrow. (There is no calling in sick when you are an independent contractor.)

I am thankful that we are going to my Mother-In-Laws for the holiday.  She does such a great job with all the food.  I like it because I can help, but not get as stressed out as I would if I was in charge of the whole meal.  I am hoping that she does not feel the stress I would because she has it all down after doing it so many times.  Not to mention that now she has 3 daughter-in-laws as helpers.  Not sure if that many women will make it easier or more work...LOL.

It is going to wonderful to spend time with the family.  It is very rare for military families to be lucky enough to have everyone in one place.   This is the second year that we are so blessed.  Jon and Amy (Ellie and Maggie too), and Mitch and Nicole will all be able to come home to Granna's this year.  Last year we were all able to go to Clovis to Jon and Amy's.  But, this year will be wonderful for Rita.  She is going to have all her boys, their wives and the grandkids under her roof all at the same time.  Currently there are 4 grandkids with one more on the way.  I bet that Rita could not have imagined all of the additions she would have to her family.

It is time to reflect and be thankful for what we have.  I have to say that it is kinda sad to me in a way.  While I have not been really great about it, shouldn't we be thankful everyday for the blessings in our lives?  It is nice to have a special day to get together with family, enjoy the company and good food, but what is Thanksgiving really about?  Being thankful?  Everyone talks a big game and is so thankful for all the truly great things they have in their lives.  Funny thing, those wonderful blessings are in their lives everyday.  Shouldn't we take a minute out of each day to be thankful.  So, it is not New Year Day yet, but I am going to start my resolution today.  I am going to wake up each morning, take 2 minutes to think about all the blessings I have in my life and thank God for them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.....try to be thankful everyday, not just one day a year.

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