Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good Day

Good Morning World,

I woke up in a great mood today.  I actually had more than 5 minutes to talk to my husband last night.  That always makes me feel better.  I don't feel so overwhelmed with life when I know I have someone to share the responsibilities with.

I am also tickled to have so many respond favorably to my Card workshop.  It is awesome.  Yesterday morning  I was planning on canceling it because I only had one person who had committed to coming.  Now, I have 9 people committed for sure and one possible.  That makes 10.  From one to 10 in a matter of 8 hours.  Makes me so happy.  It is awesome.  I feel great about it.  I feel like I have something to look forward to...other than family things.

The boys are doing well this morning.  Max told me this morning that I do not need to get out and stand on the playground with him before school anymore.  I now drop him off at the gate like all the other Moms.  He jumps out, kisses me, and runs off to play with his kids.  It is great that he is so independent, but it makes me sad that he does not need me so much.  Sad for me, but happy for him.

Ben is great.  I am so thankful that he is healthy.  Busy, busy, busy....and healthy.  Keeps me busy too.  Today he had an amazing idea.  He decided that he should bring the portable DVD player in from the car.  He informed me that if he could bring it in he could watch a movie while I get to watch the Today Show.  He said, "I know it is important for you to watch the Today Show so you can see outside."  I had to laugh.  I always tell them that I like to watch the Today Show so I can see what it going on in the world.

I love my life and I thank God every day for all the blessings he has bestowed upon my family.  Praise God and thank him for all he gives to us.

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  1. When T was little he'd build a big blanket fort and watch the portable DVD player inside it.