Monday, January 31, 2011


It was positively the best weekend we have had in a long time.  Matt and I decided that we needed to have a family adventure.  Matt and I talked about it and talked about it....we came up with several ideas, but finally I just left it up to Matt.

I packed a partial lunch (which we forgot) and headed out the door.  We ended up stopping at Subway and picked up some sandwiches.  Then we went to Garden of the Gods.  As we walked towards the path, Max looked up and said, "That is one huge rock."  I love the way he looks at things and gets so excited.  It was awesome.  We ate our lunch sitting on rocks and then wondered around the rocks for awhile. The kids thought it was great.  We packed up and went over to Balanced Rock and let them do some climbing.  Max is a bit more adventurous than we would like.  Ben was more caution, but I am sure some day he will be right behind his brother.  It was a great time and I thought it was over.  

But....Matt had another surprise for us.  The Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs.  We had a blast.  The kids liked playing a driving game as old as King Buzzy (70 something).  It was so much fun. The kids rode on all the funny ride and I even got my big butt on one with them.  We played and played.   The kids tried the spring water and did not like it much.  It was a lot like drinking carbonated water.  They were not fond of that.

All in all we had a great day.  It was so awesome to spend some time with the family.  Even better was that we had fun and it did not cost us a whole lot of money.  I am hoping that we can have big family adventures like this two or three times a month.

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