Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today I am so tired I can barely see.  Dear Connor is having major problems with his family.  I feel so bad for him. That weighs on my mind every moment.....but there is nothing I can do but support him.

That is part of the reason I have been up all night, but not the only reason.  Max has had this low grade fever for the last 10 days or so.  It bothered me a little before, but yesterday he got the snotty nose, cough and sore throat to go with it.  At 6:30 the fever was down to 98.9, but at 8:00 it was up to 99.5 again.  I looked in his throat and  it is bright red.  I called the doc and left a message.  I love Doctor Hoover's office.  They got back to me in a matter of minutes.  She said that strep is going around and it can present with just a low fever and no other symptoms.  REALLY?  If it is so, I am going to feel even worse.  I could have taken him a week ago to get it checked out, but I did not really want to spend the money on the copay.  Is that horrible?

Me?  I am tired but not in too much pain today.  That is good.  Matt is in Denver again today, but should be home late tonight.  I am thankful for that.  I am getting my hair cut on Wednesday.  I cannot wait.  The girl who permed my hair did a great job on the perm, but screwed up my cut.  It was not so noticeable when my hair was super curly.  Now that it is growing out some, you can totally see the chunk she took out.  Thank goodness for dear friends who can make me beautiful.

I have not been back in the basement since my crop on Saturday.  That is sad.  I got a bunch of pages finished.  That makes me so happy.  I really want to get down there and get  more done soon.  I have to get more pictures printed soon.  I cannot believe I am almost caught up, well, just or the ones I have already printed.  I still have a year to print out.  New philosophy for me and scrapping...I am going to print pictures from one thing recent that I really want to scrap and one past thing that I "need" to do (not that I don't want to scrap them).

Off to start my busy day....It is going to be a good day.....it just has to be.

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