Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Changes in a week

So, last week I posted about how weird it was for the weather to be so warm.  This week is way different.  My boys have been home from school for two days and we have all been couped up in the house....all because the temperature outside is less than 0 degrees. 

Yes, it has been super cold.  Forecast on Monday was for almost 7 inches of snow.  Instead...there was barely a trace of snow, but this insane cold weather that has got us all stuck inside.

Thank goodness Matt figured out how we can watch netflix movies on our Wii system.  It has been a total life saver for me.  I am pretty stuck in one place because my knee is jacked up.  So, I have been laid up on the couch and the boys have been running around mad.  Okay, not running around mad, but if we did not have the would be way worse.  So far we have watched...Scooby Doo and the Monster in Mexico, Bugs Bunny 1001 stories, a Veggie Tale or two, and Astro Boy.  I am so thankful.  I has really helped me keep my sanity.

Last week we were out playing in the sunshine and warmth.  The last two days were have been couped up in the house wrapped up in blankets and trying to stay warm.  Amazing what difference a couple of days make.

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