Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Field Trips

I had the best time the last two days.  I was released from my arm brace just in time to go with the boys to the pumpkin patch.  Each of them had field trips with their classes.  

It was so much fun to do the same activity with each of them separately.  It was a great experience....but very different with each of them.  

Monday I went with Ben.  He is 4 now and still wide eyed when it comes to the world.  He loved looking at all of the animals.  He did not really get close because he knows he is allergic.  But, we went over to the goat pen and hung towards the back.  All the kids in the front wanted to touch the goat, but the goat was not having any of it.  He wandered his way down to Ben and stuck his nose out for Ben to pet.  It was awesome.  I told Ben it was okay for him to touch and he loved it. We then moved onto the beans, which were old hat for the little one with a major garden in our back yard.  Ben did, however, love digging for worms in the garden.  He just loves to get dirty.  Then it was onto the pumpkin patch.  We were told not to take the ones on the road so we had to climb into the patch.  There were pumpkins the next row over, but those were not good enough.  Over we went to the next row.  Ben picked up a pumpkin right away, but decided that one was not good enough.  We piked up and put down about 5 pumpkins before we chose one.  I turned to take a picture of a friend after we put the pumpkin in the bag, but by the time I had turned around Ben had a different pumpkin in his arms.  Finally, I told him that is the last one and that is the one we brought home.  He loved it and has been so proud showing it off.  He even got it out to show Granna and Grandpa on skype.
Max and I went on Tuesday AM and it was a completely different experience.  Ben was kinda independent, but checking to make sure I was there.  Max on the other hand wanted to be near me all the time.  He went over to the chickens with the rest of the group, but slowly found his way back to me.  We walked around with his class.  He was sure to stay close and show me everything he was doing, but made sure not to hold my hand....I reached out for it once out of habit, but he pulled away and looked at me like I had three heads.  But, if he could not see me, it was amazing to see how quickly he found me.  I wonder if he came around just to make sure I was okay. He worries and me with a bum arm makes him really worry.  Max did not get to do the worms, but he did get to do the compost pile.....when we were walking up Max was talking to another Mom and was telling her that the smell was actually nutrients in the soil.  Guess that is what happens when you are grandson of a smell nutrients and not crap. When we made it to the pumpkin patch I was exhausted, but it was time to jump right in.  Max was so much easier when it came to pumpkins.  We walked in a bit and there it was.  The one pumpkin he picked up was the one he got.  I helped him carry it out of the patch and then he carried it the rest of the way.  That is the deal at the patch.  The kids all get free pumpkins, but they have to be able to carry it to the bus.  

I truly enjoyed my time with them both.  It is amazing to be able to do these things with them.  Sometimes it is easy to become bogged down in everyday stay-at-home mom things, but being able to have these adventures with my boys is so worth it!!1

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