Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dig In

Today feels like a day that we should just dig in and stay warm.  It is not near as cold as it was last week, but we have the snow today.

Most of the school districts closed for the day or had a 2 hour delay.  Not Max's school.  I got my boys together and we made it out the door a few minutes early.  We had to make sure we had plenty of time to get there and we actually made it. Wind was blowing and snow was everywhere.  We are lucky we did not have the super cold to go with this storm.  There was no ice on the road.  There was plenty of snow pack though.  I was thinking if we were to ever move to the North...I would have to drive in that every day.  So, I thought about it more as I drove.  I was not really scared and found it pretty easy.  I am hoping that if we ever move up there...I think I could handle it.

It is beautiful out there right now.  It is just too cold to care about going out.  The boys love the snow and we had so much fun playing in it this weekend, but we cannot do that today.  It is just too darn cold to play.  I am hoping that Max has early dismissal today.  I would love to just go pick him up and then just dig in here and stay warm.

Not sure what we are going to have for dinner, but we will have some thing hearty that will warm the body, as well as the soul.  It is going to be a nice evening with the family. Hopefully it will be a warm one in our house.

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