Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Just plain NOT.  That is how I am feeling today.  I do NOT have any energy.  I have NOT done much today.  I am NOT ready for my mom to come in two days. I canNOT take the meds that they have given me for pain...makes me too sick.  I do NOT really seem to care about all of these NOTs.

My poor mom is going to come in two days and see my messy house.  Right now there is not even furniture in the room she is suppose to be sleeping in.  The bathroom she is suppose to use is in chaos right now.  Matt has all the painting stuff in there....not sure how I am going to be able to get the tub clean enough.  Once we get the furniture in, I still have to get the bed made (after washing the sheets and blankets) and all the decor up.  At least I know where everything is going to go.

Maybe I should wrap presents .... I suppose I should get up to do that now.  I really have no energy to do that either.  I think I will just take a sleeping pill and go to sleep.  Maybe I will get up early and do some stuff. Ha Ha Ha.  Me up early?  I am going to have to make myself do that because I am going to let myself be consumed by self pity tonight.  Matt is out doing wrestling and the boys are sleeping.  Time to eat chocolate and go to bed.

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