Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Angry

There are very few times that I have been as angry as I am now.

This is a short background and a little cryptic.  I just cannot keep my anger to myself and I am sorry if those of you who do not know already think this might be too much information.  I will try to handle it discretely.

While I was in the service, I was sent TDY to Korea for 2 weeks.  While I was there, there was an "indecent."  I reported it and followed all the right protocol.  The military handled it very badly all the way around.  It was awful, not only what happened, but the following aftermath as well.

I filed a claim with the Veteran's Affairs Administration for compensation.  I sent them my statement and those of others.  It is there responsibility to get all the military documentation.  I filed this claim in January.  I just got a letter in the mail stating that they cannot obtain the ER report from Korea.  They wanted me to send them my copy.  Really?  Who would be int their right mind to think about asking for a copy of the report?  I am totally dumbfounded.  I am the one who was assaulted and I am responsible for taking care of everything.  I know it is the military, but really?  I am at a complete lose and I shouldn't be.  It is not like the military has not screwed me over in the past.  They gave me some of my best memories and some of my worst.

I am so angry that I am almost at a loss for words.  Uh is about all I can say.

I am really hoping that there is enough other information available and statements from friends and family that they believe me.  I am so tired of people not believing that this happened.  At the time it was a total nightmare. They actually tried to court martial me and now, they are about to say it never happened.


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  1. That's horrible! I love the military members and all they do but the paperwork part of it SUCKS! Good luck getting things handled on your end and hopefully that's all they'll need.